The economist Peter Drucker claimed that “Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision”, and here at Galatea we can certainly confirm the truth of this. For us, 2017 was a year packed with bold and innovative ideas translated into winning products that succeeded in conquering the market and anticipating its demands.

Enormous determination and major investment in research led us to new successes with exceptional quality natural products which rapidly found acclaim on world markets. In 2017 we extended our number of product lines and developed and fine-tuned important new ingredients designed to facilitate the work of specialists in the sector.

The excellence of the Pillot family’s products gained wide recognition worldwide: in addition to the company’s native Italy, Galatea is also present in Germany, Greece, Holland, the UK, Scandinavia, Eastern European countries, Indonesia, China and the United Arab Emirates. So 2017 saw foreign turnover rising by 35%, with considerable growth within Italy too: we’re convinced that this increase was the positive outcome of the work of everyone involved in our business; all those who share our ethical principles and our belief in the importance of superior raw materials, and who work every day to improve our products and services.

Our target audience has also grown and expanded with new collaborations: artisan ice-cream and pastry shops, wholesalers, distributors, importers and small businesses have welcomed our approach and appreciated our values and practical solutions.

As every year, the past twelve months have seen opportunities to meet friends both old and new, clients near and far: we have participated in the sector’s most prestigious trade fairs, which are important events for contact as well as presenting new products. We have also offered various training courses, because we believe that good preparation in any sphere is the basis for sharing healthy principles and focussing on a resistant business model; we have taken every opportunity to listen to the needs of a constantly-changing market, with the aim of offering solutions that can increasingly contribute to spreading a culture of health and wellbeing.

Following our successes in 2017, we begin our new year with great enthusiasm, strong in the knowledge that we’re a company that has always proved itself to be serious in every way, backed by solid tradition, with the goal of continuous improvement and nothing to fear from competition.