Following many years of listening carefully to feedback and the needs of ice-cream producers, Galatea has further improved its FIBRE&PROTEINE system, which is a key ingredient in its bases and mixes.

Today this is a new-generation, 100% natural system, whose sole aim is to enhance the work of professional gelato chefs and improve the performance and quality of their end products, always and exclusively with a clean label. The FIBRE&PROTEINE system is an even more synergistic combination of plant fibres from a variety of species and animal and vegetable proteins, which constitutes an innovative technological heart for excellent ice-cream and can give enhanced performance and deliciousness to artisan gelato.

The perfect balance between the right type of vegetable fibres and proteins allows chefs to obtain a superior end product that’s natural and with a completely clean label. Using bases and mixes with the 3rd generation FIBRE&PROTEINE system brings considerable benefits in performance, because:

  1. it improves the emulsion of fats
  2. it controls aeration, allowing the correct quantity of air to be incorporated
  3. it reduces the formation of ice crystals
  4. it improves the texture of the finished product
  5. it enhances nutritional value (fibre can partially replace fat)
  6. it prolongs the life of the ice-cream, retaining the correct consistency longer.

The use of bases and mixes with the 3rd generation FIBRE&PROTEINE system is the smartest way for ice-cream chefs to achieve a perfect product that’s 100% natural and with a completely clean label.

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