People from Veneto region, Italy, who had worked abroad and then returned home to bring experience, entrepreneurial values, passion and love for things well done.

Really well.

We are the Pillots, a family of artisans for generations, who has focused on quality, transparency and work ethic.

The company

Do you know when that is the case? Every time innovation means using shared values and acting according to principles that are never called into question because they are part of one’s own history. Then everything gets easier and even daring becomes a habit within the family, so that personal growth, as well as entrepreneurial one, is more natural. And the company ethic gets stronger.

The Pillots’ history starts during the 60s in the Veneto region, a land of ancient gelato traditions. From there, the Pillots move to Germany where they gather and open their first gelato shops. Parents work together and their children help them every day after school, especially Stefano, the eldest. They make gelato and expertise, they take artisanal values to the excellence. Some years later, they go back to Italy to Colle Umberto, in the Prealpi area, between Treviso and Belluno.
Stefano understands that it is time to build his company identity creating his own branded products. From this moment on, a new adventure starts for the Pillots: its name is Galatea. Stefano shares with his family the same commitment to give the gelato world new “bases”, which are healthier and safer, for a real artisanal gelato.

The beginning


Treviso, Italy: Stefano Pillot funds Galatea by Milk&Fruit, a company producing semi-finished products for gelato shops. A new brand with an already great experience (the art of gelato is a family tradition) and strong principles. Galatea has been inspired by definite values, which have never been called into question and that have led every business choice.

Clean Label


After three years, Galatea’s strategy is already clear: to produce semi-finished products for gelato shops using only high-quality raw materials, natural colorings and flavors, crystal clear production processes and traceable components. We have been the first to use clean labels where vague terms and artificial ingredients are banned and where everything is absolutely clear and comprehensible. Thus, our customers always know what they are buying and eating. Today, the market is ready for it and demanding it, but we have always been doing so because we feel it is natural.

Keep on growing


Our revolution succeeds. We need more space. We move our production of semi-finished products for artisanal gelato shops to Tezze di Vazzola, near Conegliano (Treviso, Italy). We produce more, we satisfy more energetically all market requests, focusing on our new food calling: nourishing is fundamental to health. People are talking about food safety everywhere and more consumers are getting aware of this topic, as we have always been.

Local production


Artisanal products and local environment are two sides of the same view: we find it natural to prefer locally produced products. In this way, we can trace the quality of all production steps. As “veneti” (people from Veneto), we feel there is nothing more local than our grappa (a spirit distilled from the fermented remains of grapes after pressing), a real artisanal ingredient which distinguishes us all around the world: this is the year of the first, important partnership with an excellent local company “Grappa Bottega”. As a result of that, the “Fondente Superior with a scent of late grape harvest grappa” and the chocolate and grappa sauce are born. Both unique.



Amiamo i colori non i coloranti. Amiamo le proprietà benefiche degli ingredienti naturali, non la chimica. Per questo nasce Spirulì. Il gelato naturalmente azzurro amatissimo dai bambini per il gusto e il colore, ideale per i grandi per le proprietà depurative, disintossicanti e rinforzanti dell’alga spirulina. Una primordiale alga d’acqua dolce ricchissima di bilanciati nutrienti che aiutano a bilanciare il colesterolo, contrastare i radicali liberi e ottimizzare la funzionalità del sistema immunitario. La base naturalissima per un gelato sano, buono e perfino bello. Solo da Galatea.



Research is the key to the quality of Galatea: our research is meticulous, expert and free from any conditioning of the market, it is focused only to excellence of taste and healthy foods. So, we have started our collaboration with the University of Udine (Italy) to find more new raw materials which can be consistent with our philosophy. The results of our research have let and will let us amplify more and more our Libera line products: cream bases, fruit bases, flavored pastes, handmade fruit variegates, all products free from artificial colorings and flavors, instead colored and flavored according to nature only.

Our certificates


ICEA consortium, the Istituto per la Certificazione Etica ed Ambientale (Entity for Ethic and Environmental Certification), steps into our company for the Valore Sociale (Social Value) certificate. It checks, monitors and sees firsthand our commitment in favor of healthy products for artisanal gelato and pastry shops. Our commitment has been awarded with the certification of Libera Line, which ensures that all its products are made without using artificial flavors and colorings and with the least possible use of additives, which have been selected amongst the ones that boast a more direct natural origin. Once again we are the first and the only one, in the field, to get such a certificate.

Responsbile company

Going from natural to organic is quite easy, for us it has been more of a must, since we feel we can always, ethically, do more. This is why we have gone farther and we show our new Organic Line by Galatea at Sigep in Rimini. These products are ideal for artisanal gelato as the result of years of research in selecting the best raw materials. Our chocolate with Organic Fairtrade cocoa is unique even for its flavor.

Vegan line


During Sigep 2015, Galatea introduced its Vegan Line. It is a whole Line of products for the Gelatiere’s Artisanal Gelato and Pastry and it suits those who follow a Vegan diet and/or a diet free from lactose and eggs. This Line is certified by ICEA, too. All products comprised in this Line are free from: Palm Oil, hydrogenated fats, GMO, cochineal red and artificial colourings. This Line’s Organic products are labeled with the Organic Vegan certificate and they are also free from: synthetic flavours and emulsifiers.

No Palm Oil

After its annual review, ICEA has confirmed Libera Line’s certificate for its products are free from artificial colorings and flavors, and it also observes and certifies that they are “free” from Palm Oil and Emulsifiers. The Media have carried on a great campaign to raise awareness among Consumers about how unhealthy products containing Palm Oil are. Galatea can proudly affirm that all products of Libera, Organic, Vegan and Organic Vegan Lines are free from Palm Oil.