According to a recent sector study by the CGIA Mestre association, presented at the 2020 edition of the MIG International Exhibition of Artisan Gelato in Longarone, there are 15,589 firms involved in the production and distribution of ice-cream to meet the demand of Italian families, who spend more than 70 euros every year on the delicious dessert. Italian consumers are highly exacting and seek genuine, non-industrial products: 52% of the national total is met by artisan producers, which are much in demand.

In such a vast and competitive situation, high-quality products that stand out for their unique, natural healthy ingredients and transparent labelling, are distinctive and successful.

So imagine being able to offer a range of delicious ice-creams with intense flavour and no sugar: a healthy choice in line with World Health Organisation guidelines, which recommend a daily limit of 25 grammes of sugar for adults and 20 grammes for children, and no more than 50 grammes in a 24-hour period. Sugar levels in processed industrial products need to be reduced, and this encourages natural alternatives that are truly nutritious.

This major study inspired Galatea’s idea of creating a product based on vegetable fibres which can replace – partially, at least – sugar, while retaining all the goodness of ice-cream.

Galatea’s Research and Development department worked tirelessly to achieve the desired result, and the 2019 edition of the SIGEP trade fair saw the launch of Dolcefibra, a blend of vegetable fibres and agave syrup in liquid form, which allows artisan gelato makers to reduce the amount of sugar and to avoid polyalcohols and stevia derivatives in their products by up to 40%.

This product is consistent with the new habits of Italian consumers, recorded during the lockdown and analysed by CREA, the national agency for agricultural research and economics:

  • more demand for healthy foods
  • increased consumption of desserts
  • improvement in dietary habits
  • experimentation with new foods and recipes

Dolcefibra is a product that combines, as never before, satisfying flavour with the prevention of tooth decay, overweight, obesity, cardiovascular problems and cancer, because it lowers the GI level of the finished product. It is suitable for vegans and people with dietary intolerances, because it contains no allergens or animal derivatives, artificial colourants or hydrogenated fats. It can also be used for both creams and fruit flavours.

Would you like your ice-cream shop to stand out from your competitors and offer unique products? Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about Dolcefibra and other Galatea products.


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