The success of a big company is based on simple ingredients: passion, healthy principles and people who know how to turn their dreams into reality.

Galatea was officially born in 2003, but their history began long before. Already in the 1960s, the Pillot family, founder of the company producing artisan ice cream products, had both experience and respect for tradition. Solid values, based on the awareness of aiming every single day at the highest quality, allowed Galatea to become  a recognized excellent brand throughout the country and beyond.

Pillot family, founder of Galatea.

Galatea’s  philosophy is built on an ethics able to meet the market demands, often anticipating them, and providing solutions that ensure maximum attention to the well-being and health of every single people, regardless of age and specific needs.

The non-stop research, the selection of high-quality raw materials, the passion for this job, the love for their customers, a trusted team and the commitment to a never forgotten craft tradition, allowed Galatea to become a well-established company, strong on all certified reviews, the achieved goals and the awarded prizes, by their partners as well: because their success is a source of pride for all who commit themselves in this great family.

Galatea products are natural, genuine and good, free from GMOs, palm oil, hydrogenated fats, synthetic flavourings and colouring agents; each line is designed and developed for suiting every customer type; starting from the ones who prefer organic products for their own well-being, to those who opt for a vegan diet, to those who, for personal need, have to avoid gluten and lactose: there is a perfect ice cream for each one!

What has always distinguished Galatea is the ability to innovate in the respect of tradition: endless studies guarantee the highest quality standards respecting the environment and the health of everybody. A wide and full range of ice-cream and  pastry products for the ice-cream maker satisfies the most different tastes and all sorts of demands.

Thus, Galatea’s goodness is not only limited to their products offer: the company’s ethical principles have also been recognized by the Valore Sociale (Social Value) Certification, that in 2009 officially proclaimed and validated Galatea’s commitment towards the society and those who need support. Galatea has therefore been given both the authority and the prestige of a brand natural to the utmost.

Are you an ice-cream caftsman or do you aspire to become one of them, do you share our values and aim to offer the highest quality products in total safety respecting both the environment and the people? If so, do please contact us!


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