In winter, given the low temperatures and the reduced hours of light, we like spending more time at home or in welcoming and warm places. When meeting with friends to share a few hours together, organising long lunches or getting together for a chat and a bite we often go the bakery’s to get something tasty.

Occasions to sit down at the table with the company of others are certainly not lacking in the coldest months and every meal worthy of being remembered can only end with a dessert. But personal needs can be different: there are those who avoid milk derivatives because of intolerances, those who follow vegan cuisine, and who for food or health reasons is careful with the consumption of refined sugars. From the gubana from Friuli to the mandorlaccio from Puglia, through all the regional cuisines, we could draw an inviting map of the delicacies that accompany the festive days of these months.

The great news is that with Galatea ingredients we can please all, without giving up the triumph of flavours!

Thanks to nature, the winter season offers an extraordinary variety of fruits and fragrances which are perfect ingredients to make excellent desserts: consider, for example, apples, oranges and pears which blend well with traditional flavours such as those of chocolate or amaretti, becoming an inspiration for creating cakes and delicious biscuits. Let’s also wander on an imaginary journey through the Italian tradition which every year offers us recipes to which we cannot resist. A must during the Christmas season are the pandoro and the panettone which reach the peak of exquisiteness in artisan varieties prepared with the proper ingredients: thanks to our Golosa line you can have extraordinary results which are also beautiful to look at and which keep their structure unaltered for days. In fact, with our pre-prepared icings for baked goods, with and without egg white, you can easily widen your offer of leavened cakes that preserve their fragrance without the need for additives.

Golosa is a true research laboratory, a wide range of semi-finished products made with passion and honesty which allow you to find the best solution for your artisan creation… even in winter! For the most creative fillings you can try our dry and baking creams or Galafarci which, fast and ready to use, helps your business with genuine simplicity. The instant creams from Galatea were created to allow you to develop different ideas in a vegan perspective. The Frangipane cream is an ideal filling for any type of dessert, from tarts to sweet rolls. But it does not end here: we have a good and natural answer for whatever you need.

Our objective is to help you in your work guaranteeing the highest natural qualityand producing ingredients and fillings with a totally clean label, gluten-free, with no milk, no GMOs, no palm oil, no hydrogenated fats, dyes or synthetic flavours. We must admit that with our Golosa line we have reached the goal, so try it!

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