The world-recognized beacon of virtue Mahatma Gandhi showed us the way in committing to life on sound principles, ‘True morality consists not in following the beaten path, but in finding one’s own way and following it with courage’.

We at Galatea have always been committed to responding to the natural needs of people, with full respect for the environment and every single human being. Our attention is constantly drawn to the work of those who, marrying our own philosophy, contribute with us to creating sublime products. We pursue our objectives tenaciously, investing great energy and significant resources in research and development that allows us to be consistent with our principles, with a perspective of innovation that has often led us to be the very first to introduce new and great solutions to market.

Ethics, for Galatea, is synonymous with responsibility and transparency in conduct aimed at improving every step from creation to production and beyond, at spreading welfare and protecting nature for the good of all. It is indeed nature that gives us the best raw materials, which lead to ideas to undertake unprecedented challenges oriented at constantly spreading the culture of health and the pleasure of taking care of oneself, even when eating good ice-cream or enjoying a fine pastry.

In a logic of consistency with our own principles and with our propensity to propose only the most natural products possible, we have chosen to use 100% plant-derived vanillin.

This substance is widely used in the world of ice-cream and its unmistakable aroma is essential and irreplaceable in food production. Its fragrance is a classic and is fundamental for many products in both craft and industrial markets. What often does not reach the consumer’s ear, however, is that this substance is often produced synthetically, in order to reduce costs and speed up processing, sometimes from the distillation of crude oil. Also here, Galatea stands out, guaranteeing maximum safety and quality by preferring to use the unique plant-derived ‘vanillin ex lignin supreme’, which, as the name implies, has ‘supreme’ characteristics. Faithful to our ideas on ethics, it is obtained from PEFC certified sustainable sources respectful of the environment and its inhabitants, just as we at Galatea like it.