Galatea’s research never stands still.

Today we present a new line of 70% concentrated pastes made with fruit extracts and natural colours and flavours. These new pastes can be used as genuine replacements for fruit or as flavour enhancers in the preparation of ice-creams, cakes and semifreddi. Imagine being able to make your job easier without sacrificing quality, authenticity and flavour.

They’re made using fruit juice and concentrate, brown sugar, plant extracts and natural flavourings, and they’re recommended to add flavour to semifreddi and custards, smoothies, granita and ice lollies.

How does this new Galatea product work? It’s very simple: just add it to the basic liquid mixture before creaming. By using the full dose you can completely replace fruit, or use it in smaller quantities to reinforce the flavour of fruit-based ice-creams. The recommended dose is 70-100 grammes per kilo for complete replacement or 20-30 grammes as a flavour enhancer.

The new line of concentrated pastes is available in a wide range of flavours to make your recipes unique: traditional strawberry and lemon, exotic pineapple, mango, passion fruit and banana, the great local flavours of peach and apricot, the freshness of watermelon, grapefruit and melon and colourful blueberry, forest fruits and raspberry. The new concentrated fruit pastes come in handy 1.2 kilo pots and are packed in boxes of 6.

In line with its traditional company values, Galatea presents a new, high-quality product made with natural ingredients and without emulsifiers, palm oil or artificial flavours and colours. Ask for Galatea’s new concentrated pastes for your ice cream parlour, and offer your customers a taste of sweetness, naturally good as ever.