Puro Black


Puro Black

PuroBlack is a ready-to-use mix to create a Vegan gelato with the colour and taste of dark chocolate.

It is easy to use and results, in terms of taste and creaminess, are always guaranteed.

Extremely tempting in your display window, it is a crucial element to put your chocolate offer in the spotlight.

It is 100% Vegan.

Did you know…

Other than organic and natural products, there is a high demand for Vegan-friendly ingredients.

Galatea has rapidly answered these needs with a dedicated Linea of handmade gelato products.

All the products are Vegan certified by BioAgriCert.

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The Gelato Master’s Advice:

  • Use very hot water
  • Leave to rest for at least 30 minutes

Fun Fact:

The smell of dark chocolate helps relaxation and boosts good mood.

Indeed, it stimulates the release of endorphins, giving a sensation of well-being and long-standing pleasure.

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