Did we miss it? Well, honestly, we did.

Because no other online tool is more versatile, exciting, active and interactive than a blog. This is a place where one can express simply and directly their own opinions and where we can listen to colleagues’, customers’ and soon-to-be Gelatieri’s opinions. (We wrote Gelatieri with a capitol G because, to tell the truth, we’ve got plenty of gelato shops and owners, but how many Gelatieri? Definitely less, but we do appreciate those who are out there).

So, we were saying: why creating a blog?
Because we have a lot to say and to tell, a lot to share and, if it’s possible, we would like to have a lot to hear as well. Thanks to our history we are now experts and thanks to our passion we share our expertise. Because we know that there’s always someone out there that is looking for a confirmation, a piece of advice, some inspiration, someone who can take our work and research to heart. As we all know, someone else’s experience can bring us new possibilities that might be surprising and useful to inspire us with new ideas. This is why creating a blog.


Why now?

Because the Mostra Internazionale del Gelato of Longarone is an extraordinary occasion for meeting and exchanging, with traditions and gelatieri from within Europe and even from outside. A window facing the world, perfect to launch our blog.

Our contents are going to evolve as it is for all real blogs. Here you will find information about artisanal gelato, inspiration to grow your business, updates covering all topics. So, it will always be worth it to have a look at our blog.

First of all
We want to talk to you about Galatea’s news that will be launched during this exhibition. Some of them are about us and our relationships with our current and potential customers, others will be dealing with our production.

First news: our new website www.galateagelato.com, a fundamental platform to speak to the market.
An online space to convey consistently our values, our mission, our philosophy and our managerial views which lead Galatea. This will help creating consistency between our brand and our commitment and ethic. This website shows who we really are, what our core choices have been, what roads we have walked on so far and which one we are going to take. The website has a new, fresher look that corresponds to Galatea’s ethic. It has a more effective way to convey contents because it is very easy to browse and it hosts detailed information, useful to current and future customers.

More natural, organic and vegan products to be in tune with the times. Galatea’s commitment towards Organic and Vegan consumers has been growing so far. On the one hand, these consumers represent our current most demanding customers’ niche, on the other hand they show the more and more increasing tendency of the target. So we focus our efforts on these areas in order to offer our customers our complete support. We provide with targeted products, but also sales topics and support with communication. We are now waiting for your feedback. Ask, comment, suggest. We will keep on deepening all topics that you and we like the most, to give the artisanal gelato, the real one that you make, more and more dignity and opportunity.