In 2015, Galatea presented at Sigep, the International Ice Cream, Confectionery, Bakery and Coffee-Shop fair, a new line of artisanal ice cream expressly designed to meet the needs of their own Vegan Consumers: the Vegan line. Let’s get closer to better know the philosophy behind these products.

Veganism is synonymous with a lifestyle that goes further on food choices, and considers them with extreme care and importance. It is based on a world ecocentric view that puts ecology at the center of existence and aims to the respect of all nature species. In the nutrition field, this is synthetically translated into “not consuming” foods such as meat, fish and even their animal derivatives.

But where does the Vegan word come from? In 1944 Donald Watson, an influential member of the Vegetarian Society, coined this neologism to emphasize the difference between the vegan and the vegetarian diet: “vegan” is born from the contraction of the word “vegetarian” from which it takes  the first and the last letters. Many well-known characters from history, from Epicuro to Charlie Chaplin to Gandhi, did marry the veganism values for ethical and moral issues; in recent years many have also supported its health benefits.

Galatea’s choice to develop a vegan line was born from the desire to meet the needs of that part of consumers who opt for a diet of this type and it has come to life from the commitment to know their ideals: on the other hand the attention to our customers has always been one of the cornerstones of our corporate mission. On this wave, we can proudly say that our preparations for artisan ice cream are cruelty-free and do not employ any ingredient nor adjuvant of animal origin. Not only: raw materials are not obtained from any genetically modified organisms.

All products range are certified by ICEA, the Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification, and the bio products also have the BioVegan logo demonstrating that the well-being, the genuineness and the nature respect are essential for us. Without artificial dyes, palm oil, nor hydrogenated fats and red cochineal, our preparations are synonymous with safety and excellence and guarantee a 360° quality by confirming our company as the first and only one in this field  having the entire production chain certified. The chain ensures the vegan certification veracity thanks to the  step-by-step approach made by precise and strict both ethical and environmental compliance rules to be observed for raw-materials, labeling and production, as well as tight checks on all the products placed on the market: with Galatea you can be sure to enjoy a product truly adherent to your values!

It should also be remembered that a Vegan product is ideal even in case of specific allergies or intolerances, such as lactose. Other benefits? It is light, does not make use of any animal fats, it is a figure’s friend, it is very digestible and above all it is very good, because it exalts the raw materials pure taste  and the creativity of the ice cream maker.

A good ice cream is the result of a refined balance between the various components and even in this case Galatea guarantee to the artisan ice cream maker semi-finished products that do not make you feel the lack of certain elements, indeed: they exalt the flavor of the ingredients that our nature do spontaneously offer.

Do you aim to know our Vegan products better? Go to the link https://www.galateagelati.it/en/prodotti/vegan/