Intoxicating, intensely flavoured and coloured: chocolate. So imagine how good it is when it’s marbled!

Chocolate has always been called food of the gods and elixir for long life for its high concentration of beneficial antioxidants; and it’s been celebrated not only in the kitchen, but in art too.

Who can forget Lasse Hallström’s romantic film Chocolat with Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp? And how many people have read Laura Esquivel’s novel Como Agua Para Chocolate, made into a film by Alfonso Arau? Giacomo Leopardi loved to sip hot chocolate, Marcel Proust wrote of encounters over delicious chocolate desserts, and for the poet Alda Merini, chocolate was a metaphor for the warmth of the heart.

What great love chocolate has inspired! Its deliciousness is timeless, and this is why we at Galatea have created PURONERO, the vegan dark chocolate for artisan ice-cream, free from palm oil and GMOs and certified Vegan and Libera.

PURONERO is also available in three brand new exquisite variations: marbled with apricot, Le Bon and pistachio.

Three handy kits containing only Galatea products are available for anyone seeking to offer their customers a new treat. The recipe? Simple and genuine. It’s often said that “less is more”, and in this case a small number of ingredients give a unique sensory experience.

Puro Nero marbled varieties are three new flavour explosions that will meet the approval of anyone seeking cruelty-free products with a clean label, but without sacrificing flavour.

The kit includes recipes and a counter sign, to contribute to the success of the new flavours among lovers of naturally good ice-cream.

What are you waiting for?

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