Pistachio Pesto


Pistachio Pesto

Galatea’s Pistachio Pesto is a Pistachio Paste obtained from pistachio blends from across the Mediterranean area.

Pistachio is slowly ground, without pushing its refinement through, to give it a unique and particularly velvety texture.

The pure Mediterranean Pistachio Pesto appears creamy and yet rich in fine pistachio grains and perfectly salted to obtain a tasty and luscious gelato.

Did you know…

The Libera 100 Base is our “first choice” base, as it fears no incidents due to low-performing machines or “casual” ill-treatments.

Indeed, it always gives excellent results.

For both hot and cold process.

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The Gelato Master’s Advice:

  • Generously sprinkle with pistachio grains: it will give your gelato a trendy and superinviting look!
  • In flavours with fatty pastes (i.e., nuts), don’t add cream to the mix, so as not to cover the nut’s flavour: it is the fruit that gives us the fats!

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