Sorrento Walnut and Apricot Variegato (no added sugar)


Sorrento Walnut and Apricot Variegato (no sugar)

The Apricot Variegato is quite unique as it has no added sugar.

It only contains Fruit sugars and Xylitol, the latter being an element of natural origin that sweetens the final product.

Does not include candied fruit and has a smooth, velvety texture, thanks to the presence of 100% fruit juices.

And for a refined match, try it with the Galatea Sorrento Walnut gelato.

It is a Certified Vegan product.

Did you know…

Our Galatea “Stevia Creme” Base allows you to prepare a gelato with no sugars at all, but quite rich in flavour!

There is indeed no trace of stevia’s notorious liquorice aftertaste…we took that off!

Galatea’s Apricot Variegato with no added sugars is made with our famous DOLCE FIBRA, a plant fibres mix that can be used both in gelato- and pastry-making to get low or no sugar blends.

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The Gelato Master’s Advice:

  • Present your gelato like a “cremino”, the famous Italian layered chocolate bar: evenly spread it, and then variegate it with a generous, no-sugar apricot layer in the middle and on top of it. EXTRA TASTY and most importantly…EXTRA HEALTHY!

Fun Fact:

The Sorrento Walnut stands out for its extremely pleasant and intense aroma and best expresses its properties if tasted along with semi-mature cheeses, robust red wines and in salads.

Vitamin E in walnuts makes them like tiny youth gems that, fighting the action of free radicals, are
great antioxidants.

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