To offer and certify quality: this is one of the main objectives that have always formed the basis of our company philosophy.
We believe strongly in the choices we make, in the goodness of the raw materials we use and in our work every day to create our products, and we want this commitment to show not only in our words, but also in documents obtained from official certifying bodies.
This is why everything – from raw materials and production processes to the finished and packaged products – undergoes rigorous checks in order to meet the necessary quality standards.
The authorised body that assesses our work is BioAgriCert.
Since 1985 it has been a member of IFOAM, the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements, and it has helped to define the standards of organic production, as well as international accreditation systems, playing an active role and in 1996 obtaining permission to certify the Production of Vegetable, Animal and Transformed and Spontaneously Harvested Products throughout Mediterranean Europe.
In 1993 it gained recognition by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, becoming a national organisation authorised to monitor and certify organic production. It is currently authorised by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies (in accordance with legislative decree no. 20 of 23 February 2018 and ministerial decree no. 2209 of 12 February 2019), by the European Union (with code IT BIO 007) and by the Italian accreditation body ACCREDIA, in accordance with ISO standard 17065, register no. 50B.
Since 2017 it has been part of the US Foodchain ID group, and it has more than 12,000 active clients.
In our particular case, BioAgriCert has certified our Biologica and Vegan lines, attesting to their compliance with the necessary criteria.

Galatea holds other certifications too, which can be viewed at any time in the relevant section of our website, because in addition to quality, transparency and integrity are the characteristics that distinguish our work.
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